On Monday April 1st Sergeant Major’s Place was able to help 2 couples down on their luck.
Jean was approached by a gentleman named Christopher who was in search of a helping hand. He explained that he and his wife along with another couple were looking for someone who could help them with buying them some food he offered to sell her a scooter in exchange for money for food, After some discussion Jean and I decided to take them to Heb and have Sergeant Majors Place purchase them a weeks worth of groceries. While shopping with Christopher’s wife Ebony and their friend Kristy we learned that they a had come to Bastrop from Houston for a family emergency and had fallen on hard times when their car broke down. We also learned that they had already received help from the local police department and were currently seeking help from other organizations in Bastrop. I would like to give a shout out to the Bastrop Police Department for putting these folks in a hotel for a couple of days at no cost to the couples. This is an example of of how quickly we can go from doing okay to being homeless. Although they are not homeless as of yet they are afraid that it is right around the corner.

God will always give you the help you need if you just listen and obey.

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