About Us


Sergeant Majors Place is a community any U.S. Veteran can call Home. Here we will house and provide for transportation needs of homeless and distressed U.S Veteran's. We will help teach and refine our Veterans natural abilities. We will provide a loving, respectful, safe and nurturing home for  veterans that need help. Our Veterans will reach a level of success that allows them to live on their own here or anywhere.

We will work with Local and National Organizations to get our Veterans help with Psychological disorders such as PTSD and Addiction.



Our Inspiration
SGM Charles W. Vassar Sr.
Served honorably in the US
Army, He served 2 tours in
Vietnam and retired after 24
He was a loving father and
husband, who taught his
children to serve God and
Country, to give
back to our community, and to
never forget what our military
has done for us. He started and
maintained a nonprofit named
Peoples Outreach, until the Lord
called him home on June 13th


Our Approach


We will start our veterans in a program that will give them the feeling of the military home they were accustomed to. We will learn what they have to teach, and we will teach them what we have learned over the years.

We will help transition them to a more civilian style of living, by teaching them things like how to budget money, cook, and clean, just as a start.

They will find a loving, respectful, safe place everytime they come home from work. We will do out best everyday to let them know, that they matter and that they will never be forgotten.

We will work closely with the VA, local clinics, hospitals, law enforcement, and other nonprofits. To give our Veterans the best chance of a full recovery. There is a lot of love for our military Veterans, so I have no doubt that we will be able to assist all vets that want to be helped.


Jean and Dwayne

Jean Vassar

Co-Founder and CFO

Dwayne Vassar Sr

Co-Founder and CEO


Leander Corbett

Founding Board Member

David - Copy

David Carroll

Founding Board Member

ghost soldiers2

Pete Hoffman

Founding Board Member