Working on a new place

Good afternoon all. This is Dwayne Vassar. We are happy to let you know that we have moved into our  new place a d have stated working on the food trailer a classroom and we have a young scout turning one of our old trailers in to a  mobile clothing closet. We are very excited and can’t wait to share our progress.

Computer sanitization

Converting from mask-making to computer sanitization getting ready to help as many Veterans as we can.

don’t forget if you know somebody that needs help, or work for an organization that could use computer clinics for veterans please let us know. We look forward to teaching.

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We are on the way we have 2 Laptops ready to go. And we couldn’t do it with out the help of our wonderful community. We love you and God bless.

Help us out Veterans with your old Tech

We are creating a mobile computer unit to deploy to serve our rural Veterans that can not digitize their own forms for electronic submission to the VA. If you or anyone you know has an old laptop that you don’t use anymore and can donate it please contact as soon as you can. Our Veterans are going to need as much help as they can get. Thank you again.

VA Minority Summit Dallas

In the picture above are Channel Bankston-Carter (right) Director Strategic Outreach Center, And Denise Wright (left) Senior Program Analyst. These are just two of the many wonderful VA employees that are helping to forge a new path.

Also in the picture is Edna Vassar (center right) Dwayne Vassar Sr (on one knee) Jean Vassar (center left). We are all volunteers for Sergeant Majors Place.

Our team had a great time at the summit in Dallas. We left with a lot of information that will help us to help others. We met many people with a wealth of knowledge. As a veteran I was very excited to learn about the new direction that the VA is headed. We heard about the many good initiatives out there to help not only with general health, but also mental health and the homelessness crisis facing so many of our veterans today.


Another one of the larger topics discussed while we were at the summit is the mission act. I’m glad to see that the VA is finally taking steps towards helping those in more rural areas and those that have a hard time getting in the VA facilities. If you’re not familiar with the mission act, here is the link. Please take your time to take a look at it, share it with your friends as well as other veterans that might need it.