Thank you

Thank you to whom ever bought these for us from Amazon smile. They will make awesome goodie bags for this coming giving season. Your contribution will make a lot of people very happy. Thank you again and God bless you.

On Monday April 1st Sergeant Major’s Place was able to help 2 couples down on their luck.
Jean was approached by a gentleman named Christopher who was in search of a helping hand. He explained that he and his wife along with another couple were looking for someone who could help them with buying them some food he offered to sell her a scooter in exchange for money for food, After some discussion Jean and I decided to take them to Heb and have Sergeant Majors Place purchase them a weeks worth of groceries. While shopping with Christopher’s wife Ebony and their friend Kristy we learned that they a had come to Bastrop from Houston for a family emergency and had fallen on hard times when their car broke down. We also learned that they had already received help from the local police department and were currently seeking help from other organizations in Bastrop. I would like to give a shout out to the Bastrop Police Department for putting these folks in a hotel for a couple of days at no cost to the couples. This is an example of of how quickly we can go from doing okay to being homeless. Although they are not homeless as of yet they are afraid that it is right around the corner.

God will always give you the help you need if you just listen and obey.

On our minds in our Hearts

Brothers and sisters listen to me we’ve been trained to be elite, to be our best to be strong to stand alone. How to take care of ourselves in horrible situations and most importantly we were taught how to love a brother or sister that is the same blood. Then we get out we come back home and to be a civilian is a totally different world. We don’t have a structure above us to help us to understand the world that we now find ourselves in and we have to fend for ourselves. I’m telling you today we are not alone we have each other we have family we have friends we do not have to stand alone we should not try to stand alone as we will fail alone. we can succeed only as a team because alone we have no one to lean on and if you try to lean on yourself you will fall so find somebody, talk to somebody. May it be a brother/ sister in arms or may it be a wife an Uncle ,your child ,a best friend somebody that can listen without judging you. Talk to them first let them know that you want to share something that might make them feel uncomfortable give them the chance to offer you a shoulder and if they don’t that doesn’t mean that you’re alone it just means that you need to find somebody else to lean on. We’ve helped a number of vets this year and it’s predominantly the same they feel alone.They feel like nobody else understands them they feel like they have nowhere to go. But even if you feel you have nobody else you have us. God has graced me with a board of directors and a family of people willing to listen to you, to not judge it doesn’t matter what you say what you have seen when you feel like you’ve seen something nobody can understand this group of people are willing to listen to your story there’s no judgement there’s no ridicule there’s no jokes only listening so please even when you feel like you’re at the bottom reach your hand out to somebody to help pull you up. Because pulling on your own hand will only make you turn in circles.

Food Truck

Currently in talks with a few other non-profits to get a mobile food truck up and running in the Bastrop, Texas area we are very excited. if you have any advice or if you would like to know how you can help please don’t hesitate  to contact us at


Still moving forward

We are currently working with an awesome nonprofit in Colorado,  to get our graphics looking better. and few businesses right here in Bastrop that so graciously give their time to help us get everything in order so that when we cut the tape we will have a lot less surprises.

Red White and Blue Banquet

Thank You to the Bastrop Texas Red White and Blue Veterans of Bastrop County. For holding this banquet. We had so much fun and met so many good people. We are looking forward to doing it again next year.